Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Medical Appointment Day

Still don’t have time to post about our trip to the village just yet, but I promise I will get to it. 

I wanted to share with you how awesome things are going. The girls ROCK! They have done so well today! 

After a LOT of good sleep last night, we got up this morning and went to breakfast with the girls. They ate really well. They were polite and well behaved at the table. Rabina was in a good mood after all that rest. She is a sloooooooooow eater. She doesn’t want to be rushed so we had to take some cheerios to go. 

We went down and waited for the cab to take us to the medical appointment. The driver was terrible. He was nice but he had no idea what he was doing and was just kind of weird. He asked me three times if Rabina was Indian. Hahaha! I guess he just couldn’t figure us all out. He also talked to himself constantly. He got us there eventually so I guess I can’t complain too much. The girls do so well in the car. Rabina sits with me in the front and she will just look out the window. It’s super cute.

We got to the Max Med center and thank God we had Abhi because it was crowded and confusing. Their computers system was down so we had to wait for quite a while. We waited for probably a good hour or more. The girls did excellent for the amount of time we had to wait. Rabina got a bit restless but hey so did I. They all got weighed, measured, examined quickly by the doctor and then got their TB prick. Kashila asked Auntie Abhi “Will I get a prick? Will they do it for two hours?” They were all very brave!

FINALLY we made it out of max medical and the crazy driver picked us up. The road that the med center is on is basically a one-way but he did his best to make it a two way.  Abhi said I would have to either kill her or him. She was so annoyed. We got a couple of blocks away and then I noticed that Rabina’s ear was bleeding. I didn’t want her to be in pain so we went BACK! We made an appointment for the ENT and waited some more for that doctor. She was tired so she sat quietly with me. Abhi and I chatted while we waited (the others were all waiting outside). She said she was 
really impressed with how well the girls have taken to us and how good their communication is. I realized that as much as Abhi has been with us, Rabina has not tried to go to her at all since we first met the girls. When she wants picked up she comes to me. This is very good. Also, she said that when Kashila was getting weighed and we had gone back to the waiting room with the other girls, she asked Abhi where her Mommy and Papa were. She was concerned. This is also good because she knows who she belongs with.

The doctor looked in Rabina’s ears. She has an ear infection in one ear. He cleaned both ears and OH MY WORD at the nasty stuff that was in her ear! Gag! I bet she could barely hear! We will have to check the other girls ears when we get home. He gave Rabina an ear drop that we got filled in the same building. I liked the one-stop-shop. 

Abhi, Rabina and I came out to find the others patiently waiting. Lance said K & K had been great waiting. We got in the cab and headed back to the hotel. Kashila started going through the suitcase when we got back to the room and she found the swim suits. She got so excited. I asked if they wanted to go swimming and and they said they did. We told them we would go eat first and then we would go swimming.

We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. K and K both wanted a burger! LOL So they got burgers!  Kashila ate a good bit of hers but Khushboo wouldn’t touch it. Rabina had mac and cheese but really loved the french fries dipped in ketchup. Once again they were all wonderful at meal time! 

After dinner we went and looked at the pool to be sure they understood what they were getting into with swimming. They still wanted to swim so we went and changed. They got a kick out of seeing me in a bathing suit. Kashila did NOT want to take her panties off. At first after putting on the bathing suit the correct way without panties she put them on over the suit. LOL! So we compromised and she put them on under the bathing suit. 

Oh man they were so excited to go swimming. They ran down the hall toward the pool. Of course they have this waddle from being in the orphanage so it looks funny. If I had not been told by others about this waddle I think I would have freaked out! It’s quite concerning! Anyways, we got in the hot tub part of the pool. The water was nice and warm and the area was small so we felt a bit safer. They LOVED it! They splashed and jumped. Khushboo slipped and went under. Lance had to yank her up and she coughed. Kashila seemed to get the hang of holding your breath pretty quickly. The other too just kept trying to breath the water so we had to really watch them. Khushboo enjoyed sitting in my lap and running my hands through the water. I enjoyed that too. 

We came back in after about 20 minutes. I didn’t want to overdo it. We went back to the room and dressed in pjs. We played and colored for a bit and now they are settling into bed. Still awake but trying to go to sleep. Once they were in the bed Lance pointed at Kashila. She was praying. I asked “Who are you praying to? Jesus?” and she said, “Yes, Jesus” I asked her if Elsie Mommy had taught her how to pray to Jesus and she said yes. I just about cried. 

Today has just been such a great day. I feel like we have really bonded with the girls a lot! I know we still have far to go and I’m sure this is just the honeymoon, but I am just so thankful for how well things have gone. Today I felt comfortable. I didn’t feel like I had somebody else’s kids but OUR kids. I just can’t express how great it has been! 

Tomorrow we go for our visa appointment. Praying everything goes well. Please pray that the TB tests remain unchanged through tomorrow and Thursday! We do not want to have do the xrays and other stuff! 

More later! -K


  1. What s glorious day! Thankful! Praying for baby's ears to be healed before the plane trips. Praying regarding TB tests to be clear for them all.

  2. Thanks for all your details!!! What a wonderfully special day with 3 special girls and it could have been so miserable!! Praising the Lord!!! Love being apart of your journey!!